Our Philosophy

A philosophy of education is defined as a “system for guiding educational life, a structure upon which to formulate policies, and solve educational problems.”We believe that…

  • Each child is an individual and special. We are vitally interested in the development of the whole child.
  • Our school helps students maximize their potential so that they can interact successfully, productively, and happily with society.
  • CRA shall be responsible for making learning valuable and stimulating.
  • Students, parents, and staff shall operate with mutual trust, respect, and courtesy, and recognize that everyone has a worthwhile contribution to make to the life and success of the school and its academic programs.
  • CRA’s Curriculum shall be designed to meet or surpass standards established by the educational or general community.

We celebrate the differences that make each of our children special and unique. We believe such diversity enriches our lives and strengthens our broader community.

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